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Ultra Mag Marshmallow Cannon

My Air Cannons Ultra Mag Marshmallow Cannon

With its oversized firing chamber, to its extra long barrel, this marshmallow gun maximizes all the air energy you give it. I would recommend a maximum working air pressure of 80 psi for this marshmallow gun. At that pressure, the marshmallow stays intact and achieves an incredible range. The safety rated pipe is rated for a maximum of 260 psi (pounds per square inch), however, do not try to operate this marshmallow gun at that pressure. If you want the marshmallows to go further simply wet the marshmallows prior to loading the gun. Which reminds me, this gun is 100% waterproof and corrosion resistant.


What that means is you can shoot water instead of marshmallows if you wish.


Ever get soaked with a water pistol? Well, load the barrel with water and the air chamber of the marshmallow gun with approximately 20 psi for an incredible soaking shot. Or you can go into shotgun mode and load 20 - 30 mini marshmallows down the barrel and fire them all at one time. 

This gun has an advanced rotary bolt mechanism. This allows you to load straight into the barrel (from the top) instead of shoving a marshmallow down the end of the barrel. The rotary bolt is new, safe and very last to load. 

As I mentioned this marshmallow gun operates on air pressure. It can be charged with air from anything from a bicycle pump to an air compressor. I have constructed the firing chamber of this gun with a standard tire fill valve for ease of connection. You could even use a garden hose, with the correct adaptor, to fill the air chamber of the gun for an even larger water soak. 

I have designed this marshmallow gun with one purpose in mind. FUN!!! 

Now you too can build the Ultra Mag Marshmallow Cannon and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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