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Shoulder Fired Water Balloon Launcher

My Air Cannons Shoulder Fired Water Balloon Launcher

WOW!!! The Ultimate warm weather toy

This Launcher shoots 500 plus feet! It can take out multiple opponents with one shot and you can easily shoot many multiple water balloons at one time. It can if desired, have a remote fire feature added. It includes a quick aim scope which puts you onto target...Fast! The Launcher has an easy to read pressure gauge which eliminates any air pressure mistakes. It has an easily customizable barrel and or air chamber to fit your needs. 

This incredible Launcher is designed to shoot water balloons, BUT it will also shoot: 

1) Paintball Balloons 

2) Confetti 

3) Water: You Have to Check This Out

4) Popped Popcorn 

5) Stuffed Animals 

6) Panties and other small laundry items 

7) Nerf Missiles and foam tubes 

8) Styrofoam snow snakes 

9) Dream it up and shove it down the barrel 

As with all my cannons and now my Launcher, I have designed this one with the ultimate fun experience in mind.

This Water Balloon Launcher is 100% waterproof and is great for water balloon fights or paintball balloon fights (never at point blank range). 

This catapult launcher is driven with clean, non-polluting air, (no combustion products are burned). Air has the added advantage of producing reliable consistent shots which is excellent for range control. The Water Balloon Launcher sports an oversized 3" by 46" barrel so you not only get all the energy from the firing chamber, but, an easily controlled "push" for shot control when you press the fire button. 

I explain how to make premium "wadding" that protects your water balloons for phenomenal ranges as just dumping a huge amount of air behind the balloon(s) results in a shredded water balloon every time. Air release is controlled for a push not a punch. You will be surprised how well this works. 

Remember those teenagers who soaked you with their super soakers last summer? Drench them with your own water balloon from your Water Balloon Launcher. 

Or, perhaps, you want to create some new art with food dye in the water balloons. 

The possibilities are endless. 

When testing this Launcher, I actually used it to clean the soffit on my house. It only took a couple shots. 

Throwing water balloons is great, shooting multiple water balloons incredible distances is a rush! 

If a Shoulder Fired Water Balloon Launcher isn't your thinking then consider the Remote Fired Water Balloon Mortar. Both of these units work well from the shore of a lake or from a houseboat. There is no lack of water and a simple 2 litre pop bottle offers a fast fill of your water balloons wherever you are. 

Water Balloon Launchers are fast, convenient and a heck of a lot of fun. Send you water balloons accurately to your target 8 - 10 at a time!

The Launcher has been getting a lot of use in the paintball community recently. Renamed the Paintball Launcher it obviously uses paint in the balloons instead of the water. 

Some of my more inventive customers have used their Launcher to clean bird waste from flag poles. It quickly becomes a crowd attractor. However, the most devastating use I have ever seen was when someone aimed and fired their Water Balloon Launcher into a camping tent and fired a full volley. WATER CAME OUT THE VENT HOLES!!! 

Once you use a Water Balloon Launcher you will never throw a water balloon manually again! 

So there you have it, fun in a tube. No; long range fun in a tube. 


Watch it in Action!

Now you too can build the Water Balloon Launcher and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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