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Shoulder Fired Toilet Paper Bazooka

My Air Cannons Shoulder Fired Toilet Paper Bazooka

Shoots multiple rolls, no problem!!! One shot decorating! 

Suddenly it was snowing endless white streamers, but then I realized that the guy more than a block away had just shot off his Shoulder Fired Toilet Paper Bazooka. 

The art of toilet paper decorating is making a comeback. Whether at a parade or simply enjoying some "recreational throwing" you will be able to surprise everyone with this baby! 

There are a lot of reasons for owning one of these cannons. It is truly a lot of fun to shoot streaming white rolls of paper over so many things. The surprised looks on peoples faces when the gentle streamers of white slowly descends over them or just the fact that you can use this magnum cannon for a multitude of tasks in addition to toilet paper. 


1) Toilet Paper (5 rolls at a time if you like)

2) Stuffed Animals 

3) T-Shirts, including unwanted laundry (yes even panties!!!) 

4) Confetti, on mass!!!

5) Water - Be careful with shooting water as it is more equivalent to a fire hose. 

6) YOU HAVEN'T LIVED until you have shot off a barrel of popped popcorn. Instantly turn a room white - Maybe at the office. 

For those of you who want technical information I am offering a quick design snapshot (for those of you who are working on related air driven systems or who are just plain curious). 

This entire Toilet Paper Cannon is made with high pressure schedule 40 (or better) PVC components. 

A lot of research went into making this (indispensable) Toilet Paper Bazooka.


The Toilet Paper Cannon was so popular but it is bigger and heavier so we made a few modifications and the Bazooka was born. It was built for convenience, accuracy and fun. The width of the barrel end itself is 4" which enables you to launch a vast array of items. The possibilities are limitless! 

It is intended for entertainment for adults and amazed bystanders. 

This is a great cannon, incredibly fun, a blast to use and a real attention getter.


It operates on air pressure alone so no flammable or dangerous accelerant is required. There is also an air pressure gauge installed on the back of the cannon which makes repeatable, predictable shots easy. If the kids with super soakers see you operate this with water they will throw their water guns away and want yours. Use it once and you will wonder how you lived without it. Truly one of the more enjoyable experiences in life. 

Watch it in Action!

Now you too can build the Shoulder Fired Toilet Paper Bazooka and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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