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Shoulder Fired Paintball Bazooka

paintball bazooka main.jpg

Now you too can build the Shoulder Fired Paintball Bazooka and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

This Bazooka shoots either a storm of paintballs or 1 - 4 massive paint ball bombs. 

When shooting paint ball bombs, (surgical tubing or other rubber devices filled with paint), I include the secret wadding system which allows you to successfully shoot them without them breaking (until they hit your target). 

When shooting multiple paintballs, you build 6 individual paintball barrels (easy!) and mount them in an attachment to fit onto the Bazooka front end. This allows you to shoot from 6 - 66 paintballs at once. Got a bunch of guys crossing in the open? They are toast now! Shoot them all at once! 

Is someone hiding behind a tree or bunker? The moment they peak out, point and press the fire button, YOU CAN'T MISS! 

The attachment for the multiple paintballs completely covers your target area with paintballs when fired. There are 2 secrets in the paintball attachment. 

1 ) We form an integrated pop off feature which speeds up your shots even at low firing pressure. 

2) Air pressure surrounds the outside of the individual barrels first then, drives the paintballs out to their target. You get a surge component coupled with the pop off feature for some incredible shots! 

The Paintball Bazooka also offers very fast changeover. You simply unscrew your fired attachment and screw in another preloaded one! This makes for very fast repeat shots (Speed Loader Style) 

So whether you are lobbing massive paint bombs at the other guys or being slightly more selective with a paintball swarm, you will very rarely miss. 

Now you too can build the Paintball Bazooka and these plans will tell you step by step how.

Already have the Shoulder Fired Water Balloon Launcher Plans?  Just add the Multi Burst Paintball Swarm Attachment.

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