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Remote Fire Water Nuke

My Air Cannons Remote Fired Water Nuke

When you want a MASSIVE WATER EXPLOSION, nothing beats the remote Fire Water Nuke. 

Delivering over 30 gallons of water in one blast, this massive water delivery system will deliver a two stage vertical water column, spiking high into the air.


There is an approximate one second delay once the water shoots skyward before everything gets wet. When you are watching the Water Nuke firing it's liquid payload you see a dense 4" thick water column rising up about 40 feet.


Then as the water volume becomes less in your primary tank, it is like someone kicked in the turbo charger and compressed air surges into our water tank causing the Nuke to go into overdrive. A second ultra massive water spike punches through your first water column and water is shot skyward 150 - 200 feet into the air. 

Nothing I have ever created gets the attention like "The Nuke"! 

This advanced project delivers more water fire power than any water gun on the planet. It's energy is from compresed air or pneumatic operation. 

The beauty of this baby is that you can "charge it" and bring it to wherever you want to set it off. I always think of company picnics where there is going to be a prearranged water fight. 

Set the Scene: 

Brad down in shipping just shot you with his "super water gun" and is all proud of himself that he just soaked his superior (seniority means nothing at the picnic). 

Your response:

"Oh Brad, look you just got my shirt wet. I think I will push this little button here and see if I can get you back" 

Of course you just soaked everyone within a 60 foot radius (talk about a team player). 

Do you have a waterproof camera ready to catch the expressions on people's faces when you fire the Water Nuke? Total shock, surprise and extreme laughing are typical reactions after the water storm descends. 

Practical applications for "The Nuke"? Why yes there are! 

Although not designed for fire suppression, this water delivery system is effective for putting out grass fires that spring up. 

It is effective for any application that needs a lot of water over about a 60 foot radius - FAST!

Please use responsibly and use reasonable precautions when building and using the Remote Fire Water Nuke.

This is intended for Adult use only. Not intended for sale or use for those under 19 so please don't buy.

Optional items:

I can't imagine why anyone would want to shoot water over 150 feet high, but, for those who deem it necessary there will soon be an optional accelerator nozzle you can install that will neck down the delivery end of the Nuke to 2".


This accelerator will extend the firing time as well as the total firing height of the Nuke. Your "wet radius" will be extended as well as the range of water mayhem.

Who wants 300 feet of water?

- Anyone promoting fun, where it is hot.

- Maybe someone is mouthing you off on the 15th floor of an apartment building (just kidding - don't use it for that).

- Perhaps you need to wash A LOT of cars - right now!

Whatever your extreme water needs are, the Remote Fire Water Nuke will deliver!

When you need EVERYONE WET!!

Watch it in Action!

Now you too can build the Water Nuke Cannon and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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