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Remote Fired Water Balloon Mortar

My Air Cannons Remote FIred Water Baloon Launcher

I am exceptionally pleased with this Water Balloon Mortar. It has performed beyond my best expectations. You are able to completely carpet bomb a target 400 - 700 feet away with 9 - 14 water balloons at one time. 

You can shoot 400 plus feet straight up and shoot to any ground target 700 plus feet away. It shoots 9 - 14 water balloons at a time depending on how big you fill the balloons with water. You can take out a whole group of people with one shot and the secret water balloon wadding system is included with the plans. 

This mortar features a snap fire remote electric trigger which allows the user to fire the mortar from up to 65' away. It has a true angle barrel aiming system which allows for very accurate repeatable shots! 

It features a tripod base stand which works well on uneven ground. The plans also include instructions for a wide mouth water balloon speed loading system. 

You never have to worry about "how much" air pressure to put into the mortar because it has a pressure gauge installed taking the guess work out. 

This Mortar does an exceptional job of shooting water balloons but, it will also shoot: 

1) Huge amounts of confetti

2) Stuffed Animals 

3) Water 

4) Popped popcorn (total white out!) 

5) Panties, running shoes and other assorted laundry items 

6) A huge variety of produce items, potatoes, cucumbers, melon chunks, bananas, ears of corn, zucchini, oranges, apples, carrots, yams and of course...the dirt these all grow in. For the more adventurous: 

7) Dead Fish 

8) Road Kill 

9) Compliment / Comment or Suggestion cards (no one reads them anyway) 

10) Garbage 

11) Fridge items over two months old (milk, Chinese food leftovers, moldy lumps and that green turkey leg sitting in the back of the fridge. 

12) Not to mention those little round cheese balls 

I have designed the Water Balloon Mortar with the ultimate fun experience in mind. 

This Mortar is 100% waterproof. It is powered by clean nonpolluting air and no combustion products are burned. Air has the added advantage of producing reliable, consistent shots, a must for accurate range control. 

The barrel has been optimized for the best power usage over a wide pressure range. This keeps the Water Balloon Mortar lightweight and very portable. 

The same principle applies for this mortar as with my Water Balloon Launcher. The drive behind your shots is a push not a punch. This is what make the 700 plus foot range possible when shooting water balloons. 

I had a great time giving the mortar a funky paint job as it takes a custom paint job well. Let your imagination go wild and see what paint job you can add to yours. 

Please watch for the Water Balloon Mortar in the movie "American Pie presents Beta House". 

So have some fun and use your imagination, treat yourself to what almost no one else has...yet. 

Remember, with this one almost nothing is out of range. 

Watch it in Action!

Now you too can build the Water Balloon Mortar and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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