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FREE Multi Burst Paintball Swarm Attachement Plans

FREE Multi Burst Paintball Swarm Attachement Plans


FREE!! Plans to build the Multi Burst Paintball Swarm Attachment. Plans are instantly emailed to upon confirming your subscription. *

A mix between a shotgun and a carpet bombing, you can cover a wide swath with every shot. Don't you hate missing your target? A compact, hard hitting paintball cannon with an electronic trigger. It's like having a paint bomb! 

This attachment easily converts your Water Balloon Launcher or Water Balloon Mortar into a mega paintball cannon in seconds. Then when you are finished you can remove it and you are back in business with water balloons or the ammo of your choice. 

I have designed the versatile Multi Burst attachment for a variety of reasons: 

1) With this paintball swarm you rarely miss 

2) You can take out multiple opponents with one shot 

3) Fits 6 - 6 paintballs at once!!! (You decide how many you want to load before shooting) 

4) Offers speed loading capabilities. Just screw in a preloaded attachment and you are ready to go. You can have two, three, four or more ready to go. 

5) Someone hiding behind a wall? Point the barrel over the wall and shoot! Odds are very good that you got them!!. 

Now you too can build the Multi Burst Swarm Attachment and these FREE emailed plans will tell you step by step how.