FREE Jumbo Mag Marshmallow Plans

FREE Jumbo Mag Marshmallow Plans


FREE!! Plans to build the Jumbo Magnum Marshmallow Gun. Plans are instantly available to upon confirming your subscription. *

With its massive oversized firing chamber, to its stepped high velocity barrel, there is no way to send a marshmallow further unless you drove it there yourself. 

FAST AND POWERFUL best describes this cannon, with fun as the watch word. Have you ever seen a marshmallow flattened like a pancake? Well it definitely isn't puffed anymore that is for sure. This gun incorporates the latest high velocity technology. The range is maximized by sheer horsepower from the enormous air chamber. Also, the stepped or two staged barrel avoids all the obvious static drag problems and allows for the projectile to continue to be driven right up to the end of the barrel. The barrel is the result of a lot of testing and research for maximum muzzle velocity. As with the Ultra Magnum Marshmallow Gun, this one is also 100% waterproof. You can load the barrel with water for a jet fire hose effect. It is like shooting a water missile. 

I have installed a rotary bolt mechanism for safety and speed of loading. This has the added advantage of offering "rear loading". There is no need to "ram" ammo down the barrel unless you want to use the gun in "SHOTGUN MODE". (Shotgun mode is where you can shoot 20 plus marshmallows at the same time). 

This marshmallow gun operates on air pressure. It can be charged with air from anything from a bicycle pump to an air compressor. I have constructed the firing chamber of this gun with a standard tire fill valve for ease of connection. You could even use a garden hose, with the correct adaptor, to fill the air chamber of the gun for an even larger water soak. 

So there you have it. SPEED, POWER AND VERSATILITY. 

Now you too can build the Jumbo Magnum Marshmallow Gun and these FREE emailed plans will tell you step by step how. Or you can choose the plans neatly on one cd shipped to you. See below for details.

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