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High Volume Surface Pump

surface pump main.jpg

Industrial quality meant for everyday use. 


This pump will pump HUGE volumes of air, water and/or most liquids with just a few strokes. 

The High Volume Surface pump has only gone through minor changes. Its incredibly simple design and very high pumping capacity has made it a hit with many people. This Surface pump will suck and pump in as little water as a depth of 1/8". I have designed it for pools but it will also work very well on: 

1) Boats 

2) Any size holding tank that it will fit into 

3) Aquariums 

4) Shop Floors 

In addition, this Surface Pump is made from chemically inert PVC and ABS. It is very strong and will take much abuse. 

I have chosen a two dimensional "foot valve" for the bottom. It is so simple to make it is scary. In addition the amount of water left AFTER pumping is a trace amount, maybe 1/32" or less. Because of its tremendous sucking power I know of a couple that uses it to suck dust off their tent floor. They just pop off the cap and rinse out the dust afterwards. 

Now you too can build the High Volume Surface Pump and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

Note: The Surface Pump and Transfer Pump come together on one set of plans. Double the plans for the same low price.

Now you too can build the High Volume Surface Pump and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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