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Gold Recovery Pump

My Air Cannons Gold Recovery Pump

When I looked for an inexpensive, lightweight Gold Recovery Pump , there was nothing available. 

I wanted to stand on the bank of a fast flowing river and suck gold from behind large boulders. I knew there was gold there, it was just a matter of reaching it without injuring myself. 

This particular river was the Fraser in Beautiful British Columbia. The Fraser is renowned for massive gold quantities over the past 150 years. 

The trick was reaching some top gold spots that no one else could reach and recover choice nuggets. 

I ended up making a hand operated, lightweight, very portable Gold Recovery Pump that is easy and inexpensive to make and now you too can make your own Gold Recovery Pump with my plans. 

The Gold Recovery Pump does some things that no other recovery method does:

- High suction "pulls" gold nuggets and flakes from rivers and streams in hard to reach areas. 

- Lightweight recovery wand reaches out up to 20 feet allowing you to suck from under waterfalls and in rapids. 

- Tremendous suction of the Gold Recovery Pump makes pulling gold out of cracks and crevices fast and easy. 

- Pulls gold bearing material out of deep holes or narrow places. 

- Nuggets are automatically sorted and saved in the base of the Gold Recovery Pump and the lighter gold flakes are carried out into a bucket or storage container for later sorting. 

- The pump is designed for ultra high flow production work. No need to stop and pan a small quantity at a time. 

- Recover gold from bedrock through "suction holes".

- Finally be able to reach "target spots" with no need to shovel tons of material "to reach that special spot". (Work smarter not Harder!) 

- The Gold Recovery Pump is close to indestructible with a water lubricated pump diaphragm. 

- The heavy duty design gives the pump incredible strength and will stand the test of time. The one moving part (the pump diaphragm) is a single piece that is close to unbreakable. 

- Versatile construction allows for convertibility into a hand pump that will pump air or water. 

The active gold pump pieces are usually obtained for free or very inexpensively. 

Save A LOT of hard work and recover A LOT more gold with the Gold Recovery Pump . 

(This pump usually pays for itself within the first five minutes of use!)

Now you too can build the Gold Recovery Pump and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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