Frequently asked questions

I made an air cannon and it seems to be very noisy like an air horn blasting. Is it suppose to be this loud?

If you made an air cannon that required a electric valve make sure that you used one that does not have flow control. The flow control on the valve restricts the air too much causing it to be very loud. You must disable the flow control on the valve to reduce the noise. To see how to disable the flow control see "How to disable Flow Control".

Why do I not get the range that was specified in your ads?

There can be two reasons you are not getting the range. One reason could be that you have used a flow control valve which will restrict the air flow. You must disable the flow control on the valve to allow free air flow. The second reason could be that you are not using the specified wadding. It is critical you use the wadding as specified to achieve the longer ranges.

How are the air cannons powered?

The majority of our cannons use compressed air from an air compressor or a pump of some kind.

Can I use a bicycle pump to charge my air cannon?

If you have the time and energy you could use a high volume bicycle pump on the smaller cannons but you are best to use an air compressor especially for the larger cannons.

What kind of air compressor should I use?

Any air compressor will work, even a 12 volt compressor will work. The larger the compressor the less time it will take to charge, however, none of the cannons require enough compressed air that the time difference would make a noticeable difference. They also now have a portable air compressor which may be suitable for some.

Are the materials required to build the cannons easily available?

We have tried to ensure that all products are easily available through either a plumbing/irrigation store and/or a home renovation store. There may be an occasional part required outside of those two types of stores but they are still easily available.

How can I get free plans?

We are in the process of redesigning the site and should have the free plans available again shortly. If you would like them now please contact us at air@myaircannons.com and we will manually send them to you.

If I buy the plans do I get reseller rights?

All the plans and information belongs to My Air Cannons and is not for resale. If you have purchased the reseller package you may resell the plans as per the agreement.