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Double Barrel Magnum Tomato Cannon

Tomato Cannon Main.jpg

This powerful cannon shoots 20 plus large tomatoes over 400 feet! Per Barrel!! 

With so many worldwide tomato fights, I've had many requests to create the ultimate Tomato cannon. And I have...This One! 

The Tomato Cannon's twin oversized magnum air chambers with variable pressure, variable range control each have their own pressure gauge allowing individual shot control as you decide how much air to charge each firing chamber with. The more than 100mm (3") barrel diameter fits big juicy tomatoes and small buckshot size ones as well. The long barrel length allows you to choose how many tomatoes and how far you want to shoot them. The optional dual laser illuminators (one per barrel) allows you to place the dot on the target and shoot. The Tomato Cannon rests on a quick release tripod mount. It can be mounted to most surfaces and is highly adaptable. I have designed a common quick release mounting system for easy detachment which allows you to go into a handheld configuration when the situation demands it. When using the cannon in a handheld mode it is held like a chain gun. 

The ultra heavy duty centre handle allows for the handheld fun but it can also be adapted into a remote fire cannon with a little extra wire. 

The cool looking forward circular muzzle tubes contain the optional targeting lasers. Style with a purpose!! 

I have designed this tomato cannon for fun and to make incredible killer tomato shots. When you shoot 20 plus tomatoes over 400 feet (per barrel) you are operating heavy duty tomato artillery. 

Getting ammo: Most fruit and vegetable stands will give you their over ripe tomatoes for free if you ask. Often I can get cases at no charge just by going back every couple days. 

The mega Magnum Tomato Cannon wouldn't be complete without a word on what else it will do. The monster cannon will also shoot: 

Water balloons, laundry, cucumbers, water, snow snakes, pumpkin chunks, potatoes, popped popcorn, candy, flour, paintballs, paper towels, puppets, stuffed animals, bananas, oranges, tennis balls, toy balls, shoes, confetti, and so much much more.

This cannon has been optimized for the best performance so make sure not to change any measurements. 

It is not designed or intended to be shot at people or animals so please don't. 

So there you have it, incredible magnum fun. Your own highly adaptable personal field (or should I say field tomato?) artillery with tremendous punch. 

Now you too can build the Double Barrel Magnum Tomato Cannon and these plans will tell you step by step how. Choose from the emailed plans (free shipping) or from the printed paper plans shipped to you or the plans neatly on one cd shipped to you. See below for details.

Now you too can build the Double Barrel Magnum Tomato Cannon and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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