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Backpack Water Gun

My Air Cannons Backpack Water Gun

Due to a high number of requests, I have created a very powerful backpack water gun. As with all my creations, this one has some extra features not found on any other backpack water gun. I tweaked it just a bit... 

The plans for this water gun are easily customizable to build almost any size of gun. It features a very large water / air capacity. This water gun shoots an incredible 45 plus feet. As with many of my cannons I have included designed it with a built in pressure gauge to eliminate the guess work. THERE IS NO NEED TO PUMP THIS WATER GUN UP! I have designed it to be pressurized with municipal (house) water pressure. Of course you can always add more drive air if you wish. 

It is an easy to make family project. The weight of the water is carried on your back not on your hands so it makes for very fast aiming. It allows for hyper fast filling so while others are filling their water guns you are shooting yours. It has a controllable, variable flow rate right from the oversize water lever. I have chosen a reinforced 4 foot braided delivery hose as the hose to use for a number of reasons. It has incredible strength and longevity and is non-abrasive (nylon sheath) and yet is very affordable. 

This water gun over comes just about all the short comings of previous water guns. You are shooting all the time, NOT pumping, NOT refilling. Because of the 1/4" water stream you totally soak your opponent in less than 2 seconds. I WAS ASTOUNDED at the extended runtime (squirt time) that this gun has. Two minutes with a steady 1/4" stream!!! That is is the total consistent run time and that was just with being filled with the garden hose with no additional air added to boost performance. The maximum operating pressure of this water cannon is 80 psi. This delivers a very drenching blast. 

This Backpack Water Gun also works great for" 1) Putting out small fires - fire extinguisher 2) A quick cool off on a hot summer night 3) Watering plants 4) Washing anything with your pressurized unit 5) Rinsing camping dishes And so much more. 

Watch it in Action!

Now you too can build the Backpack Water Gun and these plans will tell you step by step how. 

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