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my air cannons

My Air Cannons produces cutting edge, innovative uses for air that will shoot almost everything. Pneumatic cannons created for you, for maximum fun. 


We create tons of crazy uses for air pressure so there are a lot of different cannons and guns to choose from as you can see from our menu. So please check out the amazing selection of compressed air toys, (large, grown up toys)! 


We also offer an expanding line of Magnum Paintball Launchers as well. A large paintbomb (Magnum paintball) can take out multiple opponents at one time. Cover an entire area ...instantly! 


Our nucleus energy is stored in compressed air. The trigger or release is usually an air valve or solenoid control valve, both of which work very well. Another choice is a fast open ball valve so no batteries needed. 


I often get asked, "How far will this shoot?" The range varies depending on air pressure, projectile type and barrel diameter size. The Launcher and or Mortar will shoot between 500 - 700 feet. The Marshmallow guns shoot up to 2 1/2 blocks. The Toilet Paper cannons vary between 100 - 300 feet depending on the brand of t.p. used as well as the wadding. 


All of our cannons are designed to be simple, reliable and very easy to build and use. I always try to add a cool touch of technology such as laser sights, compound double action air chambers or snap fire release valves. 


The artist in your family will love the abstract paint features the water balloon cannon can offer. A little compressed air through an air valve and you are ready to shoot. Simply fill regular balloons with a paint substance and shoot at a flat or vertical surface. A one of a kind design every time. 


Take your air cannon to the lake or beach or maybe to a family picnic. Surprise some special people at the office. The possibilities are almost endless. 


Like all things My Air Cannons started out quite innocently. A pipe and an air hose. I was shooting Styrofoam bits across the shop. Then I shot a whole bunch with the air hose. This eventually led to my first design, the Ultra Magnum Marshmallow Gun. 


Compressed air is a lot of fun if used responsibly. There is a real satisfaction after you build your first air cannon and can start shooting all sorts of things. Please use only non-harmful ammo and never shoot at people. All of our plans are intended for adults only not for children. All my air cannons use air valves to be filled from an air compressor or other source of air. A lot of you have inquired about the use of CO2 in the various guns offered. Yes, you can use CO2, but, it must be regulated before air input to the air cannon. Ultimately CO2 is compressed air stored in liquid form. When you "bleed off" some air you are actually vaporizing liquid carbon dioxide. This is one of the reason you can get so many shots from one canister. The liquid holds a tremendous amount of "air". 




Alrighty..., we are talking air cannons here. The two strongest factors that will affect the power and range of ANY air cannon is the volume of air stored for shooting and the way it is delivered. The volume of air is obvious for power, what isn't obvious is the way it is used. For example, a long barrel with a small amount of compressed air will work well because you are giving the release air time and distance in the barrel to work. If you want to create the "mother of all" colossal air cannons use both size and volume. Make the barrel 12 feet long and back it with an incredible amount of air. There was a gentleman who did this to shoot long 2 x 4's through buildings. No, I am not kidding! He designed his cannon to shoot through all sorts of structures. He was commissioned to build a cannon to simulate a tornado and the damage the storm creates.


Another HUGE cannon was made for use in avalanche control. This massive baby puts out small explosive charges to the tune of one mile! With these cannons we are way beyond the fun hobby side of things. I am very capable of creating ultra massive air fire power, but, why would you need such a large cannon? O. K. with the exception of launching pumpkins, there is no need for those bad boys. 


Air cannons really enter their own in the movie industry. Easily controlled and offer a lot of solutions for multiple shooting needs. There is rarely a need for special effects. 


Please watch for the Water Balloon Mortar in "American Pie Presents Beta House" movie. 


You may have seen or may see some of our cannons on "Attack of the Show", Country Fried Videos or other shows coming up.

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